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The Association of Bridal Consultants has been the professional organization for the wedding industry since 1955 and has over 4,000 members in 26 countries on six continents. The Association of Bridal Consultants is a membership service organization, designed to increase awareness of the wedding business and improve the professionalism of members.

Elayne Anderson Director of Operations
Shelby Tuck-Horton Director of Education
Renee Grannis Director of Ethics and Compliance
Annemarie Steiner Member Services
Nicole DaSilva Member Services
Lois Pearce Director of Ethnic Diversity
Beverly Ann Bonner Director of State Managers
Nancy Flottmeyer Creative Director
David M. Wood III, President
Gerard J. Monaghan, Co-Founder
Eileen P. Monaghan, Co-Founder
Membership Coordinators
No Membership Coordinator in your area? Please email the coordinator closest to your residence.

AK Robyn Bruns
AL Callie Carr
AR Aaren Muex
AZ Aysha Armijo
CA John Goolsby
CO Wendie Bass
CT Beverly Ann Bonner
DC Shelby Tuck-Horton
DE Galina Nemtsov Wohl
FL Carmen Mesa
GA Callie Carr
HI John Goolsby
IA Aaren Muex
ID Robyn Bruns
IL Lynne Kennedy
IN Monica Richard
KS Aaren Muex
KY Victoria Staton
LA Donna Brian
LA Kayla Jackson Southard
MA Beverly Ann Bonner
MD Shelby Tuck-Horton
ME Beverly Ann Bonner
MI Brandy Lane
MN Allison Kline-Weichelt
MO Aaren Muex
MS Callie Carr
MT Robyn Bruns
NC Jennifer Ball
NE Aaren Muex
NH Beverly Ann Bonner
NJ Marie Danielle Vil-Young
NM Aysha Armijo
NV John Goolsby
NY Melissa Fife
OH Jenny Garringer
OK Jasmin Jackson-Bray
OR Robyn Bruns
PA Galina Nemtsov Wohl
RI Beverly Ann Bonner
SC Lisa Kenward
TN Sheri Younkin
TX Jasmin Jackson-Bray
UT Wendie Bass
VA Michelle Riddick
VT Beverly Ann Bonner
WA Robyn Bruns
WI WI Allison Kline-Weichelt
WV Galina Nemtsov Wohl
AB      Cathy MacRae
BC      Cathy MacRae
MB      Cathy MacRae
NB      Josie Coccia
NL      Josie Coccia
NS      Josie Coccia
ON      Josie Coccia
PE      Josie Coccia
QC      Josie Coccia
SK      Cathy MacRae
Bahamas      Carmen Mesa
Barbados      Carmen Mesa
Bermuda      Carmen Mesa
Cayman Islands      Carmen Mesa
Cuba      Carmen Mesa
Dominica      Carmen Mesa
Dominican Republic      Carmen Mesa
Grenada      Carmen Mesa
Grenadines      Carmen Mesa
Haiti      Carmen Mesa
Jamaica      Carmen Mesa
Martinique      Carmen Mesa
PR      Carmen Mesa
St. Barts      Carmen Mesa
St. Lucia      Carmen Mesa
St. Martins      Carmen Mesa
Trinidad & Tobago      Carmen Mesa
Turks & Caicos      Carmen Mesa
UKVI      Carmen Mesa
USVI      Carmen Mesa
Tarija      Raquel Albania Cardenas Carrasco
Castaneda ABC Manager      María José Vázquez Castañeda
Antofagasta      Karla Bustos Ramirez
Ciudad de Mexico ABC State Manager      Oscar Mejia Flores
Colombia ABC Manager      Monica Maria Restrepo Arbelaez
Dominican Republic ABC Manager      Mirta De Jesus Sanchez Grullon
Pichincha ABC State Manager      Carolina Muzo
Guatemala      Francisco Javier Soto Galvez
Zapotlanejo Jalisco ABC State Manager      Isela Alcantara Bahena
General ABC Director for Mexico and Latin America      Lilia Anciola
Queretaro ABC State Manager      Karla Valeria Avendano Legorreta
Puebla ABC State Manager      Celia Bezares Matus
Nuevo Leon ABC State Manager      Jesus Everardo Dávila Flores
Aguascalientes ABC State Manager      Mario Enrique Delgadillo Ochoa
Coahuila ABC State Manager      Nidia Patricia Garcia Esquivel
Veracruz ABC State Manager      Amelia Hernandez Avila
Business ABC Director for Mexico and Latin America      Luz Millan Vargas
Guanajuato ABC State Manager      Alicia Torres Morales
Morelos ABC State Manager      Sara Erely Vargas Ocampo
Chiapas ABC State Manager Chiapas ABC State Manager      Hilda Guadalupe Vazquez Ortiz
Oaxaca ABC State Manager      Marcela Villaseñor Saavedra
Morelos ABC Manager      Maria del Refugio Campos Guerrero
Paraguay ABC Manager      Cynthya Wagata
Peru ABC Manager      Marilu Mercedes Rodriguez Galvez
Quintana Roo ABC Manager      Brenda Fernandez Zamora
Director of Asian Markets      Yoshiyuki Kohara
Asia-Pacific      Yoshiyuki Kohara
China      Yoshiyuki Kohara
Japan      Yoshiyuki Kohara
Korea      Yoshiyuki Kohara
Macau      Yoshiyuki Kohara
Taiwan      Yoshiyuki Kohara
Thailand      Yoshiyuki Kohara
Tokyo      Yoshiyuki Kohara
Association of Bridal Consultants • 632 Federal Road, Ste 2 • Brookfield, CT 06804 • Ph: 860-355-7000 • Fax: 203-775-0037
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